Google AdWords is a specialized service that just about any company cannot handle. There are rules, methodology and continuous innovations that return competitive value for money. As a leading Google AdWords agency in Kolkata our core strength lies in parsing the keywords, designing a formidable budget plan to get you more traffic and lower costs.

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Ever wondered what is the percentage of people that make business decisions using the Google Search Engine? A total of 81% blindly trust Google Search over any other medium for anything & everything they buy. Google search ads gets your company’s information in front of these searchers and at the top of the search engine results. We catalyst your growth by putting you above your competitors.


  • Keyword Analysis
  • CPC
  • Keywords Bidding
  • Budget Setup
  • Ad account setup
  • Setting keywords match types
Search Engine Optimization in Kolkata

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While almost 90% of each of our online experiences starts with search options, it is not lucid to rank in search engines with immediate effects. We understand if your business needs that momentum and invest in Google Ads to outshine your competitors. We focus on multiple keywords at a time and the ads feature at the top of the google 1st page allowing your website steady traffic.


  • Ad Account Setup
  • Budget Allocation
  • Creating Artworks
  • Writing ads copy
  • Keyword Focus
  • Campaign planning
Search Engine Optimization in Kolkata

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Search Engine Optimization in Kolkata