While searching on social media and websites, a customer doesn’t stay long on a single link. To ensure your potential customer stops at your website and views your services, the one solution is optimizing your social media. Our expert team of social media optimization in Kolkata know the trick to keep the customers moving around your website. With great content, right keywords, informative blogs and articles internally linked – we can make you stay connected with your potential customers all the time.

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We stand to understand your brand

Social web presence leads to definite conversions in this era of marketing. Our account management team conducts a comprehensive research about your brand, performs a SWOT, gauges your initial market position. Our in – depth audit enables us to design your social media strategy and optimize it regularly. Why choose us? We are a trusted social media marketing company in Kolkata, that believes in building your brand’s social media presence in a manner that people remember the name.


  • Hashtags Research
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Define audience
  • Shareable content
Search Engine Optimization in Kolkata

We use tools that effortlessly organize the engagements to generate leads

Most businesses manage to generate leads, however, fail to use them effectively. The damage caused by the failure to follow up a lead is a loss that we don’t want our clients to bear. It is imperative to strike the iron when it is hot and therefore, our team has to its disposal unconventional social media tools to assimilate your brand engagements and cater to each potential sale in tight timelines.


  • Ad Account Setup
  • Budget Allocation
  • Creation Artworks
  • Definiting interest and demography
  • Definating objective of advertising
  • Campaign planning
Search Engine Optimization in Kolkata

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Search Engine Optimization in Kolkata