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Simple Steps To Build Your Brand Using Digital Marketing:

October 14 2019

Brand building is a continuous process that takes place throughout the lifetime of a business. An entrepreneur or a team can never say “I’ve had enough brand-building”. Brand building essentially means making sure your brand’s name reaches as far and wide as possible. Follow the simple steps for brand building:

  • Construct a business strategy: The first step for brand building is to identify and construct a business strategy. This is the base strategy for your business to follow when it comes to brand building.


  • Identify target audience: It’s the time to identify your target market. For any brand it is important to understand who their target audience is. Everything that is to be marketed about the brand is done based on the target audience.


  •  Competitor awareness: Create your own competitor spreadsheet. You should always be aware of your competition and be careful to not do exactly what they are doing. Don’t try to copy big brands but don’t ignore them either. You should study the market and then find the gap which your brand can fill. Focus on that gap


  • Website development: Develop your brand logo, tagline, and website. Once your target audience is settled, your benefits and qualities are listed, your next task is to develop your brand logo, tagline and website. This is what your target audience will remember you by. If you have a catchy tagline and logo, it’ll be etched in your audience’s mind. Web development is a primary thing to concentrate on when trying to build your brand. Websites are crucial to any brand in today’s digital world.


  • Digital marketing / Social media optimisation: Once you have figured out the gap your brand can fill, your next step is to advertise the benefits and qualities that your brand has which will be able to give your target audience the service or product to cover the market gap. Use digital marketing and social media marketing to spread the word. You should focus on trying to make your brand more social media optimised.


  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): The next step is to build your brand its own mission statement. Use keywords and search engine optimisation (SEO) in your mission statement so that it reaches out to the target audience grabbing their attention and letting them know that your brand exists. You should make sure your brand comes up when the keywords are searched. This should be a one-liner that captures the essence of your brand and advertises the primary service or product your brand provides. USE SEO TO COME UP ON SEARCHES!


  • Be consistent: Stay consistent with your brand voice. It is important to be consistent with your brand’s image and voice. Being too inconsistent will make your customers feel you are not serious about your brand or too finicky. Hence, always stay consistent.

Follow the above simple steps to build your brand. Each steps requires time, energy, and creativity. Brand building takes time, it cannot be achieved overnight. Therefore, it is important to have patience as well during the initial stages of your brand building process.