4 Reliable Ways To Create Google-Friendly Content That Every SEO Company in Kolkata Swears Upon!

Search Engine Optimisation has become an art. One of the most crucial things you could do for your content is to optimize it for both users and search engines. Many individuals believe that SEO-optimized content cannot be reader-friendly. This is a complete myth, because, high-quality content effectively increases your possibility of appearing higher in the search results. To begin, you must first comprehend “what displaying higher in search results” entails. For example, when you search for “SEO Company in Kolkata”, the websites that rank in the first ten have been through a good SEO strategy, that is the reason why they are ranking in the first ten search results. Here, are 4 reliable ways in which you can create Google-friendly content to appear in the search results. 

Keyword Research
Although SEO is moving in the direction of encouraging users to develop thought-leadership material, keywords continue to be significant. Finding the proper keywords will assist you in dominating search results and satisfying your target audience. Doing keyword research has been an authentic part of the SEO process. Keyword research helps you in determining what topics are being discussed, determine the number of searches for each topic, and recognize how difficult it might be to rank for a specific topic. You should use a different primary keyword target for each item of crawlable content you publish.

Publish Structured Content
If you want to create outstanding content, stick to a firm structure. Determine the main point of your post first. If you separate it into chunks, it’ll be easier and quicker to write. You’ll be able to work on each area independently without needing to restructure your thoughts once you’ve structured your content. For example, if you are writing a blog, it’s best recommended by one of the companies that provides seo services in Kolkata, to follow the inverted pyramid model. This model of writing blogs will help you make a reader-friendly blog and also help you rank better on the search engines.

Optimise Old Content
Fresh material is prioritised by search engines. Freshness is the third most heavily weighted content ranking criteria, as previously stated. Updating previous blog entries with more useful, authoritative material can dramatically improve rankings and traffic. For example, one of your old blogs has the keyword “seo in Kolkata”, to optimise it better you can change it to SEO services in KolkataThere is a short process that you can follow to optimise old content better. 

  • Determine which blog entries have the ability to rank higher for keywords with a high search volume.
  • Improve the accuracy and depth of the post by updating or rewriting it.
  • Use on-page SEO best practices and relevant in-line and end-of-post CTAs to increase conversions.
  • Publish the optimised article, making sure to alter the publish date so that the information gets re-crawled and re-indexed by search engines.

Technical SEO Best Practices
Although site structure optimization and technical SEO aren’t often included in a content writer’s job description, it’s crucial to understand how these aspects can affect your content’s potential to rank. The way your website is designed, page speed, safety, and crawlability all have an impact on how quickly and accurately a search engine can index and rank your material.

It will take some effort to figure out how to write SEO-friendly content for your website, but it will be well worth it in the end. Use these helpful and reliable ways to create SEO-friendly content and get the most out of your copywriting efforts. They’ll assist you in ensuring that good content results in more shares, leads, links, and return visits. If you still need help with your search engine ranking, get in touch with one of the best SEO Company in Kolkata, Marko and Brando.

April 19, 2022

Posted By: Marko & Brando

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