5 Facebook Marketing Tips Every Social Media Agency Swears By!

In today’s digital world, while everyone is going digital, it is essential for all businesses, be it small or large, to maintain their digital presence. Social media is the new-age way to create your online presence and reach out to a large audience. So, when you think about social media, what’s the first platform that comes to your mind? It’s Facebook! The parent of all other social media platforms. Facebook is an essential social media platform as it guides all the processes of other social media platforms like Instagram. Social media is a very sensitive digital platform, as it has the capacity to reach a wider and more diversified audience. You either make it or break it. Therefore, it is important for you to have an expert on your team to handle digital platforms, or you can simply hire a social media agency, to handle these chores. If you are ready to leverage Facebook marketing, here are five Facebook marketing tips that every social media agency swears by.

1. Optimise Your Facebook Profile

The first step towards winning the Facebook marketing game is the optimization of your profile. Update with a good profile picture and a cover photo. Enable your username in such a way that whenever someone searches for you, your profile pops up immediately. If you have a website, add the URL of your website. Add a little description about your business, so that it gives the crawlers of your profile a little insight into what you exactly do.

2. Pin Significant Posts

Don’t be afraid to ‘pin’ a post if you really want people to see it. Simply check the box within Facebook and the post will be added to the top of your profile. It will remain there until another post is pinned or you unpin it, implying that more people are likely to click on it and engage with it. 

3. Create Engagement in Your Profile

Engaging your target group and capturing their eyes is the most important factor in creating engagement. How to go about it? Create content that forces your target audience to like, comment and share. Include, question answers, quizzes, and competitions. Going live is another way of letting your target group know what exactly you cater to. Live video is an excellent way to stand out and make a big impression on social media in 2022. In research done by one of the social media marketing companies in Kolkata, it was found that going live and connecting with your audience has resulted in a 73.56% increase in consumer engagement, across all digital platforms.

4. Create Targeted Ads

While the organic build-up of your profile is important, it is also important for you to reach your audience inorganically. Running targeted ads on Facebook is a great way to reach a custom audience. Facebook ads are paid messages written in the voice of businesses that help them reach the people who matter the most to them. Advertisers create campaigns with specific goals, known as advertising objectives, and create ads within those campaigns to help them achieve those goals.

5. Stay Active

Consistency is the key! You have to be consistent with creating content and posting regularly on Facebook. This helps you in staying on the top of the feed of your audience and get more visibility. But don’t go overboard because no one likes having their feed flooded with posts from just one account, so keep it centrist and make sure you’re communicating things that are relevant to your audience.

Just like you need a finance manager, to manage all the inflow and outflow of funds, you need a social media manager, to handle all it takes to create your social media presence. Facebook is one such platform, that requires a good amount of attention and monitoring. If you want to leverage this side of digital marketing, you must hire the best digital marketing company in Kolkata, or in any other state. Marko and Brando is the best social media agency in Kolkata, that has experience working with a variety of clients for the past six years. If you are unable to manage your social media, we are all set to help you. Connect to us at 9830153821, for a free quote. 

May 18, 2022

Posted By: Marko & Brando

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