5 Things Website Design Companies in Kolkata Do For 3-Second Attention Span

In a fast-moving world where grabbing attention from consumers has become a tough nut to crack. The amount of time a person can focus on a task without being distracted is referred to as their attention span. A long-forgotten Internet pioneer created a site design exam known as The 5 Second Test back in the day. But we are one of the website design companies in Kolkata that utilize the 3 Second Test of Design to assess a website’s functionality and if a new visitor would understand what it does in the first three seconds. Prospects should, surf your site and follow the flow to the desired call to action. The longer you can keep the visitor’s interest, the more likely they are to convert. With experts onboarded on our team here are five things that we do for grabbing the 3-Second Attention Span. 

Attractive User Interface

According to neuroscientists, novelty aids in the transmission of information. Our thoughts are drawn to new experiences. A fresh event not only catches our attention but also appears to be a mental requirement. Novel signifies the unknown, and the unknown requires our brain’s attention. We hunt for something unknown to master after the new item is recognized and comprehended.

Use Contrast
Items that contrast with other things in our environment, or things that contrast with what came before, attract the brain’s attention. This is another human evolutionary feature. The old brain, which makes decisions, seeks out obvious contrast in order to make quick decisions and prevent uncertainty, which could cause delays. You can utilize it to catch people’s attention by displaying the benefits of your product in a before-and-after format. Many web development company in Kolkata recommends contrast as our brain is programmed to pay attention to changes or interruptions

Fast Loading Speed Of The Website

Although we’re focusing on three seconds or fewer, assuming that you will always have three full seconds to impress potential clients is a foolish notion. This timeframe is optimistic if your site takes a long time to load. According to studies, if a website takes longer than three seconds to load, 40% of visitors will quit it. If users aren’t sticking around long enough to see the material, a modern design, interesting content, and an attractive Call To Action (CTA) will have no effect.

Consumers Scan Your Website

We understand that not everyone reads everything on our website. There’s also no method to make them.

What you can do is make it easier for them to scan so that they can swiftly collect the most important pieces. Users frequently read website information in an F-shaped pattern, with two horizontal stripes followed by a vertical stripe, according to eye-tracking visualizations. 

Make Benefit-Oriented Website Design
It’s easy to get caught up in the mistake of telling your consumers what you want to hear. The most successful businesses, on the other hand, put solving consumer problems at the center of everything they do. Your typical customer isn’t looking for a detailed description of your products and services. Instead, they’re looking for a compelling value proposition that encapsulates how your services can help them.
The attention span of the consumers is 3 seconds and you must be aware of it while creating their website. Most visitors will decide whether they like what they see in three seconds or not. If your website fails to impress your visitors at first glance, you risk losing them permanently. Marko and Brando is one of the best website design companies in Kolkata that has been able to help their consumers grasp the 3 Second attention span and gain more revenue for them.

April 30, 2022

Posted By: Marko & Brando

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