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6 Value Propositions of Google Search Campaigns You Should Know

If you have your business online, then digital marketing and SEO ranking is something you must have heard about. You need to keep yourself updated with the latest trend that is dominating the online market.

Google Search Campaign is one of the useful tools to use that will display your website on the SERP through ads. The tool helps to engage your product to the right audience who are searching for products similar to yours.

What Do You Understand By Google Search Campaigns?

To understand Google Search Campaigns, you first must understand Search Campaigns. Search Campaigns are a form of advertisement that places your product on the web page and published content.

Google Search Campaigns are the advertisements that are placed in google search results through google ads. It is a set of online marketing techniques. The Search Campaign by Google makes your brand appear in the search results whenever any relevant query is inserted related to your product or service.

Google dominates the search engine industry market worldwide with 92.6% of search engine queries being searched through Google.

Google, the world’s most popular search engine, has always strived to provide the best experience for its users, whether it’s through advertising, searching the internet, or utilizing the internet operating system.

The ads are placed on the top influencing the organic SEO results in green colour. Your product reaches even if the user is not searching for your brand or your products. The ads appeared as text ads, video ads, or banner ad.

The Ad propositions that Google Offers Its Clients All Over The World Are-

  1. Ad Words- When users enter a search query into Google, these appear in the SERPs.
  2. Ad Sense- Users place their ads on websites and receive a portion of the PPC revenue generated by Google every time a user clicks on the ad. Looking for a PPC service in Kolkata? Check our page, one of the best digital marketing in Kolkata.
  3. Youtube- Google bought YouTube in 2006, and it has since grown into a major advertising platform.
Value Propositions of Google Search Campaigns

What Are Google Key Value Proposition of Search Campaign?

  • Organic Traffic Complements – You cannot rely solely on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for organic traffic. This is where search result ads come in handy, bringing organic traffic to your product pages.
  • Traffic Leads in High Quality- Brand Awareness is increased through google search ads whenever your content appears on the SERP. This results in generating traffic to your website whenever a user clicks on the site.
  • Short Sales Cycle- Google Search Campaign can be the best solution if your business needs to run a short span of the sales cycle. Then there is no need to run a continuous advertisement to remarket your product.
  • Cost Efficient- The size of the digital marketing budget is irrelevant when it comes to Google search campaigns because they are extremely cost-effective. The only time you have to pay is when someone clicks on your advertisement. Even if users call your ad but do not click on it, you will not be charged. This is an excellent way to obtain free branding.
  • Works Well For Small And Medium-Sized Businesses – Google search ads work for all businesses – regardless of how small or large the brand is, entrepreneurs and startups can easily drive Google ads campaigns when compared to traditional marketing channels.
  • Addresses Urgent Service- During times of urgency, the user doesn’t have the time to read a blog to call for emergency services like medical assistance, plumbing and etc. This is the time google ads come in handy.

A Google ads campaign should be part of your digital marketing strategy if you want to grow your online business. Use Google’s key value propositions and search result ads to your advantage. Every online business and digital marketer should pay attention in 2022.

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September 20, 2022

Posted By: Marko & Brando

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