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Complete SEO checklist for Your Shopify Website to Get a Better Rank on Google.

Having your website on Shopify is just not enough. To get the best traffic on your page, you need to learn the use of Shopify SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Follow this shopify seo checklist to boost your shopify website’s organic traffic.

What is SEO?

To Summarize, SEO is a process which brings traffic to your page and highlights your page on the search engine result page (SERP). The campaigns use for SEO are-

  • keyword research- you need to determine which keyword is best for your product to get traffic to your website. You can find the number of times a specific keyword is searched with a time duration and can also see the related keywords and their search numbers. This helps you to determine which keywords to use for your product.
  • On-Page SEO- this means optimizing your website with product details and photos. It helps google to know about your website and rank accordingly.
  • Off-page SEO- off page SEO is primarily called “backlinks”. These are links from another website that points to your site and results in ranking your page better on google.

What do you understand by Shopify SEO?

Shopify SEO is a search engine optimization that enables your Shopify website to get ranked on search engines and record the highest number of traffic for e-commerce retailers.

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Here is the Shopify seo checklist that you must have to bring more traffic to your page-

  1. Create your own domain- to have a more professional appeal, invest in the domain name and discard the existing “my Shopify” URL.
  2. Enhance your URL- always keep your URL short and simple. Also, avoid using unnecessary prepositions. Use your targeted keyword on the URL.
  3. Invest your time in writing Meta descriptions and page titles- write the meta descriptions with keywords for getting better search optimization. Write the meta descriptions with not more than 160 words.
  4. Be different- try to write your page titles and meta descriptions non-identical from other Shopify stores to stand out from your contemporary stores. This also creates a good appeal for your shop.
  5. Use optimized image file names on your Shopify stores- while uploading images to your Shopify store write a proper name of the image instead of uploading with the initial texts or numbers displayed. This will help you rank better on SERP and draw more audience to your shop.
  6. Product review- add the section to review your products. This will create a positive impact on your customers and increase the sales of your store. This will also increase the interactivity of your page.
  7. Make sure your Shopify website is fast- While choosing the theme for your page, make sure to choose a theme which does not lag much. Choosing a theme which is fast and responsive helps you to rank well in the google search engine.
  8. Use Shopify dedicated SEO apps- There are a few websites which help you to understand the trending and dedicated SEO keywords for your product like Plug in SEO, Schema Pro, Smart SEO dedicated for your Shopify websites.
  9. Provide keyword- input keyword which is similar to your product and has been searched the most. Also, use other similar keywords which are searched a little less than your primary keyword.
  10. Sprinkle keywords all over your product’s page- Do not limit your keyword to just your meta title and description. Distribute your keywords in your product’s descriptions as well.
  11. Do not overdo with your keyword- placing your keywords should look natural and it should not have the appeal of inputting keywords unnecessarily or out of the place.
  12. Use your keywords within a limit- do not overdo with your keywords. If you do so, google might penalise you for that.
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SEO can be a hard thing to understand when you are new to it. But remember, once you get hang of it, it is one of the easy and fun things to use.

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September 7, 2022

Posted By: Marko & Brando

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