Which On-Page Element Carries the Most Weight for SEO

Confused! Which On-Page Element Carries the Most Weight for SEO?

Have you ever played Subway Surf? If so, you probably would remember there is no way to defeat the game or any end level. There was just an increase in speed after every level.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is also similar to the game in some ways.

For starters, there is no relaxation period. Even once your site ranks at the top of the results page, a slight change in the algorithm or your competitor’s content can knock you off.

Therefore, one should take the help of an SEO company in Kolkata or another metropolitan city where you reside to keep your On-Page SEO spot on.

What’s On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is the method where we modify a page’s content, titles, and internal links to improve search page visibility. It is also sometimes called On-site SEO.

Simply put, it means optimizing your website so search engines can better understand it. Therefore, the website’s On-page SEO must be on point.

But which On-Page Element carries the most weight for SEO?

The Title Tag is the On-Page Element which carries the most weight for SEO.

What is a Title Tag?

A title tag is a crucial element of Search Engine Optimization. The title tag is the first thing that appears on the Search Engine Results Page.

A title tag is basically an HTML element used to mention a web page’s title. It has to be accurate, attractive and relevant as it briefly defines the content upcoming for the readers on your webpage.

Importance of Title Tag: What’s in the name?

A title tag should be explanatory and straightforward. It should also have the right length and the right amount of keywords that will help you rank on the SERP. Therefore it is important to optimize your title tags to improve your SEO.

It is the title of the page that first appears on the SERP. On the basis of a web page’s title, a person on the SERP decides to click on the title tag to enter the website. Therefore, an optimized title tag is critical for the web page.

Let’s look at the importance of Title Tags for a web page:

Rank on Search Engine Results Page

Tags are important because they help to improve your search engine optimization (SEO). If your title tag is not optimized, then it is less likely that people will find your website when they search for the keywords that you are targeting. In addition, a title tag that is too long or too short can also hurt your SEO.

Visibility on Web Browsers

We generally have many tabs opened at once in your browser. What helps us recognize a particular web page?

Yes, we read the title tags of the web pages to identify among several opened tabs. Therefore, it is vital to add relevant and descriptive keywords in the page title so that target users do not lose track and you avoid losing traffic on your web page. Hence title tags help us understand the web page content even when many tabs open simultaneously.

Relevance on Social Media Networks

We try to bring traffic to our website from various channels. Social media is one of the essential channels for attraction. Hence, title tags are the only element visible when we share our website links on these platforms. Therefore, if you want people to click on the links and visit your website, make sure to create persuasive and sassy title tags.

How to write Attractive Title tags?

Let us learn how to compose compelling title tags for our web pages:

  • Short and Simple: A good title tag should not exceed 60 characters.
  • Relevant Keywords: The keywords shouldn’t be crowded; use them wisely.
  • Unique: A good title tag is unique and attractive for each web page.
  • Easy to Understand: A suitable title tag should also be straightforward and understandable.

In the end, several other factors on which on-page element carries the most weight for SEO, such as meta descriptions, keywords, and many more. Optimizing a website with several web pages requires a helping hand. Hence, you can consider hiring an expert SEO company in Kolkata or wherever you live to make your life easier.

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November 11, 2022

Posted By: Marko & Brando

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