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Know The Importance of Good Design for Better Business

“Good design results in good business” is a common phrase that we all have heard once in a lifetime. From online shops to beauty products we choose services and products based on design. As per the experts of Adobe, the ten years on the S&P index shows that companies with strong designs outperform weak designs by 219%. According to a research firm, 48% of the people voted “good design” as the number one factor to determine any business’s credibility. Therefore, good design not only resembles the success of a business but also trust.

What are the benefits of Good Design is Good For Your Business?

Here are some of the benefits of good design for the business that will help you to generate more revenues.

1. Create a Strong Impression with Good Design

A good design utilizes shapes, colors, space, images, forms, textures, and content in a balanced way. A strong brand determines a better design. A well-designed logo, for example, can make a difference between entering the market, and standing out among your competitors. Majority of the businesses think that a good well-designed logo will cost thousands of dollars, and hence they opt for online logo stores or try to do it themselves. Memorable logos only have a 13% chance of grabbing customer attention, while 71.6/5 of them are prone to receive a positive response. Other than logos, packaging design, website design or products play a positive impact on customer decisions.

2. Stand-Out in the Market

After the covid-19 pandemic, every business in the world has leveled up its game. Your website design can either make or break your business. If your products are modern, impressive, and unique, customers will be attracted. Humans have always been biased about beauty, and if businesses utilize it in the right way, they can generate high revenues.

3. Builds Better Relationships with Customers

Often, customers are connected to a brand emotionally. Experts in branding agency suggest that great design will utilize smart fonts, colors, and layouts which helps to connect to the consumers in an emotionally driven, and meaningful way. The best way to display your brand is by incorporating memorable, emotional, and impactful connections. A good design is not only responsible for attracting customers, but also retaining them to your brand.

4. Makes your Website Easy to Use

Good design doesn’t mean that your website will look great, but it should also be easily explorable for any user. Therefore, it is about both how your site looks and works. This will make your visitors, your customers. According to Microsoft, since 2000, the human attention span has decreased by four seconds. A good design makes your products, and website easy to navigate. It also decreases your bounce rates.

5. Promotes Brand Stability

Imagine a popular brand like Starbucks, changing its logo every day, how weird will it look? This is because we have memorized the brands in our minds. When you are building a cohesive brand, stability is an important element. An inconsistent brand is disorganized and chaotic.

By now you have understood the importance of good design, as it boosts your customer relationships, and helps you execute successful campaigns. It is not the technology that boosts your business, but a better design. For example, MySpace and Facebook were both similar platforms. While there was a time, MySapce accounts were popular, today Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms valued at $440 billion.

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November 23, 2022

Posted By: Marko & Brando

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