how can google ads help you advance your business goals

Learn How can Google Ads Help You Advance Your Business Goals

Suppose you own a business and plan to invest money in ads to reach the target audience, it’s best to do it in the right place. Google received five billion daily interactions with over 2.9 billion new visitors monthly. Google Ads came into existence within two years of the world’s most famous site, In 2018, after rebranding Google Adwords was recognized as “Google Ads”.

In today’s world, businesses with strong and focused paid ad campaigns generate more clicks, which leads to a better chance of receiving new customers. You might be wondering, why the majority of businesses around the world are utilizing Google Ads for their campaigns. In this article, we will discuss in brief how can google ads help you advance your business goals.

What is Google Ads? Is It Really Effective?

Under the marketing channel, PPC (Pay Per Click), Google Ads is a marketing platform. It is the best way to attract quality traffic to your business and target customers who are searching for similar products and services that your business offers. With Google campaign objectives, businesses can attract organic traffic, increase their store visits, and boost their overall sales.

Google Ads allows businesses to set up well-timed ads among the target audience. The CTR of Google Ads is 2%. Every month, the display ads generate 180million impressions. For any customer that makes a purchase, the paid Google ads receive 65% of the clicks. Google Ads is an effective marketing strategy with lead flow and optimized marketing campaigns that can generate a high ROI.

Best Google Ad Campaigns

google campaign objectives

Google Ads are one of the effective marketing strategies for businesses. Since thousands of companies are using Google Ads, even if you are ranking organically the results are pushed down due to Google Ads. If you are utilizing PPC marketing, Google Ads must be a part of your campaign. Sometimes your google ads might not perform well, however, it is important not to give up. Here are some of the basic best practices for Google Ads to work efficiently.

Utilize a PPC Planner

A planner will help you keep your pay-per-click projects organized. With Hubspot and Google’s PPC planning template businesses can check how the ads appear online, check the character counts and manage campaigns all in one platform.

Keep Short Keywords

Keywords are an important part of your marketing strategy. Therefore, tweaking and testing keywords is crucial. In case your keywords are too long, Google might get confused and place them for the wrong audience. This will not only hamper your ads, but generate a high expense, and few clicks.

Avoid Irreverent ads

If the ad you place does not match the intent of the searcher, you won’t be able to generate enough clicks. The headline and ad copy must match the keywords that you bid on. Every campaign provides an opportunity to create multiple ads. This will help you to mix and tweak to get the right ad for your target audience.

If you are planning for a paid advertisement, Google ads must be a part of your strategy. There are several PPC company in Kolkata that offer services to help design, and implement PPC campaigns for your business.

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November 17, 2022

Posted By: Marko & Brando

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