Boat Marketing Strategy

Secrets of Boat’s Marketing Strategy: Which Turned Boat into a 1500 CR Company

BoAt Case study: You are now plugged into Nirvana

Declared as India’s ‘No. 1 brand’ for truly wireless earwear, BoAt.Nirvana has established itself with it’s Secret Marketing Strategy as India’s fastest-growing audio wear & electronics brand in the last five years.

BoAt believes in offering premium quality products at an affordable cost to its customers. With this motto, the brand became the fifth-largest wearable brand globally.

With no surprise, the secret behind the brand’s success is the marketing strategy of BoAt.

Boat Marketing Strategy

Let’s look at boat’s marketing strategy.

Brand Placement in the Market

The brand portrays itself as a lifestyle brand and not a consumer electronic brand. This strategy was displayed during the 2019 Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai, where the models wore boAt products as their only accessories while showcasing the designer outfits.

Influence through Influencer marketing

BoAt refers to its brand influencers as BoAtheads. By onboarding crickets and celebrities to influencers and stylists, BoAt’s influencer marketing game left everyone stunned.

Consequently, the brand increased its reach to the masses through word-of-mouth.

The Digital Nirvana Experience

To boost sales, BoAt adopted digital marketing methods in its marketing strategy. BoAt used all the digital tools to mark its presence, like:

  1. Email and SMS Marketing to update customers about its new products and offers.
  2. Social Media Marketing to tell stories and connect to its niche through campaigns such as boAt comic saga.
  3. Hashtag Marketing to increase conversion through catchy hashtags such as #boAtheads, #raisethebar, and many more.

Capture the Moment Marketing

With an in-depth understanding of its audience, boAt leveraged its products in the internet language of lifestyle choices like sports, travel, WFH (work from home) and fashion. BoAt used moment marketing to its very best. The company’s marketing team is on fire by leveraging Independence Day to launch new products and creating witty Valentine’s Day posts.

Event Marketing and Collaborations

BoAt also adopted event marketing strategies to promote its brand at various events. The unforgettable BoAt concerts across cities in India starring musicians such as A.P. Dhillon, DJ Snake, and Wiz Khalifa, the boAt Marvel Collaboration, Official Audio Partner for 6 Teams in IPL and Masaba x boAt, such milestones were the building blocks of the brand’s successful marketing strategy.

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Innovation at its Best.

BoAt believes in innovation. This belief has helped BoAT reach its consumers by discovering new markets and expanding its range of products. The company began with the sound device category, which comprises wireless earbuds, wired headphones, wireless speakers, and wireless headphones. With TRebel, the company is extending its empire to include misfit, audio clothing for strong women and girls and men’s grooming products and the most recent smartwatch collection.

Key Takeaways

The remarkable success of BoAt in such a short span depicts how such a young company can evolve into a leading brand with an on-point marketing strategy. Let’s discuss the key takeaways.

  • First, offering not just a product but a high-value brand. Boat brands itself as a lifestyle brand offering premium accessories.
  • Second, customers’ mindset. Boat values its customers and connects with them to create better products at affordable prices for them.
  • Third, constant innovation. Boat continuously evolves and changes its products to tap new markets.

For a brand to have such rapid growth requires a helping hand. To manage all the elements of Integrated Marketing Communication, you can call for digital marketing services in Kolkata or where you live. A Digital marketing company is a catalyst to boost your brand’s success.

So what are you waiting for?

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December 2, 2022

Posted By: Marko & Brando

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