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Search Engine Marketing

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Advertising on facebook gives us the platform to advertise to people based on location, age, gender, language and even interests. Once we know our target audience we can target the consumers to show ads only to the people that can convert. Around 87% of online traffic are on Facebook which is close to 2 billion users. Facebook is currently the most inexpensive way of advertising and is the fastest where you can actually expect immediate results.


Advertising on Linkedin is a different ball game altogether. It is a defined professional structure and people tend to be more focused. It is a B2B platform but a fantastic arena to advertise on. Like facebook it is extremely affordable and you can absolutely generate business on a low budget. You can still get very focused with your targeting with options such as location, age, gender and here is where Linkedin excels.


SEO increases traffic but the results are not immediate. But, if you wish to generate instant and targeted traffic on your website , the best tool to be used is PPC i.e pay per click. PPC is fast, tested and the most effective and popular tool for online marketeers. A planned campaign can most of your ad budget and as a digital marketing company, Marko & Brando has the skill and experience to deliver effective ppc campaigns. We design campaign strategies which are aimed to better conversion rate. Advanced keyword research strategies, competition research are the most skilled techiniques of Marko & Brando. Our services focus on delivering quality leads, reduced cost per lead, generating good traffic and increasing ROI.

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